NI’s mmW Radio Speeds 5G Research

National Instruments (NI) announced a software defined radio (SDR) for the millimeter wave (mmW) spectrum. The transceiver system can transmit and/or receive wide-bandwidth signals at 2 GHz real-time bandwidth, covering the 71-76 GHz spectrum. The system comes with accompanying software.

The mmW transceiver system includes PXI Express modules that collectively function as a mmW access point for a user device. Users can also develop mmW communication prototyping systems or perform channel measurements using the same system. Although NI chose the higher frequency spectrum, officials said the architecture is flexible and could be tuned to a different frequency if needed.

“There isn’t a software defined radio platform in the market for millimeter waves [above 6 GHz],” Kimery said. “If researchers don’t have a software defined radio capable of representing a base station or cell phone, then they have to build that all themselves. This gives them a pretty big head start.”

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