The Killer App for 5G Networks

Following this year’s Brooklyn 5G Summit, I’m still wondering whether there will be a “killer app” for 5G networks. For 4G LTE, it’s easy to argue that the most important use case turned out to be video, which went from about zero on earlier generations of wireless networks to making up the majority of traffic.

But as in past years, I again came away convinced that 5G will be much more important for industrial and IoT use cases – and better network management for the providers – rather than leading to a huge breakthrough for consumers. Still, simply providing enough capacity for smartphone users does seem to be a worthy goal. At the conference, a number of presenters talked about the use cases they envision for the technology.

Jongsik Lee from KT talked about how 5G was used at the recent Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. He focused on five different trials, which all used pre-standard technology.

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