NYU WIRELESS-Led Paper Wins Neal Shepherd Propagation Prize

The IEEE Vehicular Technology Society board of directors recently announced that the NYU WIRELESS-led paper, “Investigation of Prediction Accuracy, Sensitivity, and Parameter Stability of Large-Scale Propagation Path Loss Models for 5G Wireless Communications,” is the winner of the 2017 Neal Shepherd Propagation Prize.

The May 2016 paper, led by NYU WIRELESS graduate student Shu Sun, compared three large-scale propagation path loss models for use over the entire microwave and mmWave spectrum. The paper was supported by NYU WIRELESS 2016 affiliates AT&T, CableLabs, Ericsson, Huawei, Intel, InterDigital, Keysight, L3 Communications, Nokia, NI, Qualcomm, Samsung, SiBeam, Straight Path, Cablevision, UMC and XO Communications, as well as NSF and the GAANN Fellowship Program. The Neal Shepherd Propagation Prize is an annual award given to the best propagation paper in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. The award will be presented to Shu and her coauthors at the Fall 2017 IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference in Toronto.

In addition to Shu Sun, coauthors of the paper are:
Theodore S. Rappaport, Fellow, IEEE; Timothy A. Thomas, Member, IEEE; Amitava Ghosh, Fellow, IEEE; Huan C. Nguyen, Member, IEEE; István Z. Kovács, Member, IEEE; Ignacio Rodriguez, Student Member, IEEE; Ozge Koymen, Member, IEEE; and Andrzej Partyka, Member, IEEE.

The prize paper is available to read at IEEEexplore.