NYU WIRELESS Welcomes Students Back with a Visit from the Dean

NYU WIRELESS held a welcome back party for students last night along with presentations from NYU WIRELESS Director, Ted Rappaport and the new Dean of NYU Tandon, Jelena Kovačević.

Rappaport’s presentation focused on engaging NYU WIRELESS students, faculty, and staff members to create a “culture of collegiality, excellence, and fun.” New efforts include forming a social committee of students to work with NYU WIRELESS professors and boost social engagement within the center.

Rappaport also announced the new research thrusts for the center including a focus in the areas of Terahertz (THz), Mobile edge and low latency networking, Quantum devices and circuits, 5G and 6G applications, Communications and machine learning foundations, Testbeds and prototyping.

The new dean thanked the NYU WIRELESS students for the warm welcome and invited them to her  Open House event on September 10. The event will feature an informal conversation with students to share opinions, insights, and ideas about improving the Tandon student community.

For more NYU WIRELESS research updates, please visit the NYU WIRELESS research page.

  • New Research Areas for NYU WIRELESS 1 of 2
  • New Research Areas for NYU WIRELESS 2 of 2
  • Dean Kovačević addresses the NYU WIRELESS students.
  • Ted Rappaport welcomes the NYU WIRELESS students.