NYU WIRELESS Launches Propagation Database

Led by Professors Dennis Shasha and Theodore Rappaport,  and supported by theNYU WIRELESS Industrial Affiliate companiesNYU WIRELESS students have created a first-of-its-kind millimeter wave (mmWave) propagation database of all measurements made throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan at 28 and 73 GHz in 2012 and 2013. This database shall be augmented with additional propagation measurements in upcoming years.

The NYU WIRELESS mmWave propagation database includes field measurements from dozens of locations, antenna beamwidths, transmitter and receiver heights, use cases, and propagation distances throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, and provides immensely valuable data for Industrial Affiliate companies interested in developing futuristic beam forming and modem/system design products. The data are also valuable for predicting coverage and capacity estimates for future fifth generation (5G) systems.

Through a no-cost end user license agreement, NYU WIRELESS offers all of their raw measurement data to Industrial Affiliate companies as an additional benefit of their affiliate membership.  Already, many affiliates are using this data for their own internal research purposes. The data can be accessed through a database, or provided on a hard disk. As shown in the image above, users may choose parameter values corresponding to the experiments of interest, and can instantly sort through the data for propagation measurements of interest to them.

To learn more about the NYU WIRELESS Industrial Affiliates program, please contact Ben Naylor at bnaylor@nyu.edu. For more details about the pioneering propagation measurements and recent channel modeling results, click on these papers for further details: