Nokia president on 5G: ‘Take it seriously what China is about to do’

China’s Opens a New Window. pressure on its phone manufacturers to develop and quickly deploy fifth-generation wireless technology Opens a New Window. should serve as a warning to other top countries including the U.S. Opens a New Window. , according to a Nokia executive.

The Asian nation is using development of its own 5G network, which promises faster speeds with lower latency when compared to the existing 4G LTE networks, as a tool to advance the goal of overtaking America as the leading business superpower, according to Tommi Uitto, president of mobile networks at the Finland-based firm.

“The Chinese operators would not want to deploy 5G quite as fast as they are being forced to, the business case is just not there for them to do it as fast. But China’s government is imposing it,” he told reporters on Thursday at an event hosted by the New York University. “This is why it’s so important that across the United States, but also other leading countries…that we take it seriously what China is about to do.”

The criticism, however, is misguided, says NYU professor and telecom expert Ted Rappaport.

Investments in cellular technology are “critical to the vital economy and long-term survivability of a society in the information age,” he told reporters. “When President Trump talks about ‘I want 5G and maybe even 6G,’ and the press laughs, I’m so disappointed because I know as an academic…how vital it is to have research and development and a respect for long-term leadership in intellectual property.”

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