NI, Radisys & CommScope collaborate on 28 GHz 5G New Radio InterOperability Device Testing

This first public demonstration of the three companies’ collaboration shows a 28 GHz base station, or gNodeB, built from a CommScope remote radio unit (RRU), running software developed by Radisys, that communicates with an NI Test UE.

The 6th annual Brooklyn 5G Summit, held from April 23-26, 2019 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Nokia and the NYU WIRELESS research center at NYU Tandon School of Engineering once again co-organised the event, which is one of the most pre-eminent conferences on 5G.

The Summit built on the themes of the past 5 years, with a focus on the ‘First year of the 5G era’. It was centered around an open conversation on the deployment experiences of 5G networks and a discussion of key issues, including critical spectral and economic factors. The latest innovations in all domains, including 5G New Radio, Core and IoT technologies and network slicing were covered, as well as, emerging technologies such as machine learning, Terahertz communication, non-terrestrial networks, ultra-reliable low latency and private networks.

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