The purpose of this Industrial Affiliates Program is to provide for cooperation and mutual assistance between NYU WIRELESS and member Industrial Affiliate Companies.


As a NYU WIRELESS industrial affiliate, you will become a part of the industrial affiliate advisory board with voting power that will allow you to influence research projects. As a board member you will receive access to our center’s resources, faculty, and students. The industry board that helps guide and formulate strategic research and educational initiatives and activities within NYU WIRELESS. Each affiliate company has two seats on the board.

  • An annual NYU WIRELESS board meeting in New York City that presents NYU WIRELESS’s research findings and provides an open forum for technical exchange. Each company may have two (2) attendees at the board meeting.
  • NYU WIRELESS will host an annual New York City Wireless Summit, an industry-academia-government conference on wireless, generally directly before or after the board meeting.  Each affiliate company receives two (2) free registrations to the Summit, and two (2) invitations to the Summit’s VIP dinner.
  • An annual Open House (typically in late January or early February) in which NYU WIRELESS’s latest research results are presented in a poster session format, and facilities are provided for interviewing NYU WIRELESS students.  Up to ten (10) representatives from each affiliate can attend free of charge.
  • Two (2) electronic copies of appropriate non-proprietary research reports, theses, dissertations and technical papers generated under the Program posted to the NYU WIRELESS  web site on a quarterly basis. One (1) printed copy of these reports may be requested.
  • Published and submitted journal papers, conference papers, technical reports and general student and faculty research results generated under the Program are available to affiliate sponsors on the World Wide Web (password protected).
  • A monthly electronic newsletter to keep industrial affiliates up-to-date on the latest research and happenings within NYU WIRELESS.
  • NYU WIRELESS equipment resources in support of research conducted under the Program include wide bandwidth oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, RF hardware, 60 GHz and other millimeter wave spectrum channel measurement instruments, software, and digital signal processing capabilities.
  • Assistance in recruiting promising undergraduates of NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and other NYU Colleges, Departments and entities, through classroom interaction and student society activities.
  • Access to the NYU WIRELESS propagation database


Current NYU WIRELESS Industry Affiliates

Industry Affiliates