Initial 6G Work is Underway

At this year’s Brooklyn 5G Summit, NYU professor Ted Rappaport gave a presentation about initial research for what could become 6G sometime around 2030 to 2035. Now, you can read the details in “Wireless Communications and Applications Above 100 GHz: Opportunities and Challenges for 6G and Beyond. Published by IEEE, this paper is available for free download.

In his presentation, Rappaport noted that 5G took fifteen years to reach initial deployment and he assumes the same for 6G. Why go beyond 5G? The paper explains that faster wireless speeds will be needed to keep pace with ever-increasing computing power and will create new opportunities. By 2036, we could have $1000 computers that have the computation power of the human brain. Although wireless networks based on terahertz signals still won’t be fast enough to keep up with that power, it will get us closer. Perhaps 7G will get there.

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