5G Millimeter Wave Wireless: Trials, Testimonies, and Target Rollouts

Prof. Ted Rappaport, founding director of NYU WIRELESS, presented the keynote address for the first millimeter wave systems (mmSys) workshop at the 2018 IEEE INFOCOM conference in Hawaii on April 16, 2018, commemorating the 5 year anniversary since the publication of NYU’s landmark paper “Millimeter Wave Mobile Communications for 5G cellular: It will work!”

Rappaport’s keynote highlighted the progress to date, and realistic timelines for the broad adoption of 5G millimeter wave wireless communications. This talk reviewed the research activity by industry and academia that has occurred since measurements in New York City in 2012. These measurements showed that millimeter waves could be used for reliable massively broadband mobile communications.
The goal of the mmSys workshop was to facilitate exchange among leading researchers working in the constituent subfields of mm-wave, to jointly consider systems and interdisciplinary aspects of mm-wave networks, and set out an integrated research roadmap towards making the great promise of mm-wave spectrum a reality.

Download Rappaport’s keynote slides below.
IEEE Infocom mmWave Keynote Rappaport April 16, 2018

Read Rappaport’s groundbreaking paper, “Millimeter Wave Mobile Communications for 5G Cellular: It Will Work!” on IEEE Xplore.