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Industrial Affiliates Program

The industrial partnership program provides support of infrastructure, student internships, and fellowship opportunities.

The return on this investment comes quickly to those companies that are involved in research and recruitment. The affiliate relationship is an excellent way to get broad access to research; it aids in recruiting efforts; and sets the stage for additional teaming opportunities.

The program also offers access to the NYU WIRELESS publication library, wireless propagation database and the student resume book.

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NYU WIRELESS Spotlights Student Research on Recruitment Day

Throughout 2017, NYU WIRELESS had much to celebrate, from marking its fifth anniversary of developing advanced wireless technology since opening the research center at NYU Tandon in 2012, to receiving a $2.3 million grant from the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to improve public safety communications, to new partnerships with Sprint and OPPO. Rather than resting on its laurels, …

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Tandon Professor Heads IEEE Information Theory Society

Information Theory researchers devise fundamental bounds for representing, communicating, processing, and using information, and although it has long been considered part of electrical engineering and has had significant impact in communication systems, it also has connections to diverse fields. Since Claude Shannon, a Bell Labs researcher, published his foundational paper on the discipline in 1948, …

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Could antenna fatigue be holding up 5G technology?

Earlier this week there was a brief kerfuffle over whether the American government should pay to build the next generation of wireless, known as 5G, so that China doesn’t beat us to the punch. The Federal Communications Commission came forward and said, no, the government would not nationalize 5G. But it made us wonder: Is the U.S. in …

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NYU WIRELESS is an innovative academic research center with a focus on 5G mmWave wireless research.

Centered at New York University's Brooklyn engineering location and involving faculty and students throughout the entire NYU community, NYU WIRELESS offers its industrial-affiliate sponsors, faculty members, and students a world-class research environment that is creating the fundamental theories and techniques for next-generation mass-deployable wireless devices across a wide range of applications and markets.

This center combines NYU Tandon's School of Engineering program with NYU's School of Medicine and the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, and offers a depth of expertise with unparalleled capabilities for the creation of new wireless networks.

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