Technical Reports

2018 Technical Reports

  • NYU WIRELESS TR 2018-002 | Dated: 05/06/2018
    Millimeter-Wave Base Station Diversity and Human Blockage in Dense Urban Environments for Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP)
    By: George R. MacCartney Jr. and Theodore S. Rappaport
  • NYU WIRELESS TR 2018-001 | Dated: 05/06/2018
    Channel Modeling and Multi-Cell Hybrid Beamforming for Fifth-Generation MillimeterWave Wireless Communications
    By: Shu Sun and Theodore S. Rappaport

2016 Technical Reports

2015 Technical Reports

  • NYU WIRELESS TR 2015-002 | Dated: 10/01/2015
    Indoor Office Wideband Millimeter-Wave Propagation Measurements and Channel Models at 28 GHz and 73 GHz for UltraDense 5G Wireless Networks
    By: George R. MacCartney, Jr., Sijia Deng, Shu Sun, and Theodore S. Rappaport

2014 Technical Reports

  • NYU WIRELESS TR 2014-003 | Dated: 07/29/2014
    73 GHz Millimeter-Wave Indoor and Foliage Propagation Channel Measurements and Results
    By: Shuai Nie, Mathew K. Samimi, Ting Wu, Sijia Deng, George R. MacCartney, Jr., Theodore S. Rappaport
  • NYU WIRELESS TR 2014-001 | Dated: 06/24/2014
    Characterization of the 28 GHz Millimeter-Wave Dense Urban Channel for Future 5G Mobile Cellular
    By: Mathew K. Samimi, Theodore S. Rappaport
  • NYU WIRELESS TR 2014-002 | Dated: 06/10/2014
    Antenna Diversity Combining and Beamforming at Millimeter Wave Frequencies
    By: Shu Sun, Theodore S. Rappaport

2013 Technical Reports

  • NYU WIRELESS TR-CSE-2013-04 | Dated: 11/01/2013
    Future Internet Bandwidth Trends: An Investigation on Current and Future Disruptive Technologies
    By: Yanyan Zhuang, Justin Cappos, Theodore S. Rappaport, Rick McGeer