Terahertz Band Wireless Communication Via Graphene

Wireless communication in the Terahertz band (0.1 THz – 10 THz) is a key technology that enables higher speed and wider bandwidth data transmission than ever. Wireless Terabit-per-second (Tbps) links will change the way we create, share, and consume information.

In order to achieve these frequencies, we should reinvent the building blocks of communication circuits including devices, interconnects, transceivers, and antennas. Conventional materials used in high frequency circuits such as InGaAs and InAs have limited Gain Bandwidth Product and the highest frequencies they can reach are in the range of tens of GHz to few hundreds of GHz. Therefore, we should be looking for new materials that do not have this frequency constraint. Graphene is one of them. The monolayer sheet of carbon atoms in a honeycomb structure has shown promising properties and applications in the recent years. Some of our previous results on graphene devices, interconnects, and waveguides can be found in [1-5].

One of the significant properties of graphene is its ability to propagate surface plasmon polariton (SPP) waves in the Terahertz band. SPP waves are confined electromagnetic (EM) waves that result from the coupling between surface electric charges at the interface of a metal and dielectric, and an incident EM wave. EM waves propagating in graphene have lower frequencies than EM waves in metals with the same size. This means that for a specific frequency we could build graphene antennas that are much smaller (2 orders of magnitude) than their metallic counterparts, which also means that we could integrate antennas along with the circuits on a chip in a more efficient way than ever. We envision a graphene-enabled wireless network-on-chip solution to meet the communications demands of exascale computing.

Our goal in this project is to investigate the fundamental transmitting properties of Graphene as a potential antenna/waveguide in the Terahertz band and also present a compact model for high frequency graphene components that could be used for building actual Terahertz communication circuits.


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PI: Dr. Shaloo Rakheja
PhD Student: Kexin Li