Multipath IP Routing at Network Edge

An emerging trend on the Internet is the multiplicity of network access technologies available on contemporary devices having connections ranging from Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G and 4G cellular, to 5G wireless on the horizon. It is therefore tempting to improve user application experience by exploiting multipath routing for high quality and robust data transfers at network edge.

While each application can implement its own multipath transmission, it is more desirable to provide multipath transmission services from the lower protocol stack so that all applications can benefit from it. Recently, Multipath TCP (MPTCP) has been proposed and got lots of attentions from academia and industry, but has limitation of supporting TCP only. Other technologies such as ECMP requires same type of underlying access networks or having same network cost.

This project proposes Multipath IP Routing (MPIP) to explore the multipath gain at the network layer. Compared with multipath transmissions initiated at the application layer or transport layer, MPIP has broader traffic coverage, better network view, more coordination among applications, more routing flexibility, and lower implementation complexity.