ns3 mmWave Cellular Network Simulator

NYU WIRELESS has developed the first open-source millimeter wave module that can be used to evaluate cross-layer and end-to-end performance of 5G mmWave networks. The simulator is built on the widely-used ns3 [https://www.nsnam.org/] platform that implements a wide range of protocols in C++. Key features of the simulator include:

  • Support of a wide range of channel models including the latest 3GPP models for frequency spectrum above 6 GHz. Ray tracing and measured traces can also be modeled.
  • The PHY and MAC classes are parameterized and highly customizable in order to be flexible enough for testing different designs.
  • Emulation of key core network elements and tunneling protocols for architectural exploration.
  • Complete emulation of the mobility protocols including intra- and inter-RAT handover, dual connectivity.
  • The full stack end-to-end implementation allowed us to conduct the first Transport Layer Protocol (TCP) performance evaluation over mmWave bands, and to integrate some novel networking strategies to better utilize the available spectrum.

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Menglei Zhang, Marco Mezzavilla, Michele Polese, Sourjya Dutta, Michele Zorzi, Sundeep Rangan