Dynamic Channel Models and Blockage

Large-scale propagation characteristics of mmWave frequencies have been heavily studied in recent years for coverage and interference analysis, but channel dynamics and the effects of human blockage have received less attention. MmWave signals are more susceptible to blockages than sub-6 GHz frequencies, partly due to reduced diffraction and the smaller wavelengths of higher frequencies that result in more diffuse scattering. Recent work has proven that diffraction is much less significant for common materials in indoor as compared to outdoor environments at 10, 20, and 26 GHz where signal attenuation was observed to be more than 20 dB in the deep shadow region. dy-channelIndoor human blockage measurements indicate rapid and deep signal attenuation by up to 40 dB or more when the blocker is close to either the TX or RX antenna with average fade durations of 200 to 300 ms with a human blocker moving at a pace of 1 m/s between the direct path between the TX and RX. Dynamic channel measurements were also conducted for a peer-to-peer outdoor scenario to study the effects of dynamic human blockage at mmWaves in a typical urban small-cell environment with large pedestrian crowds. Measurement data will be used to model blockage event characteristics such as rapid signal attenuation and the duration of blockage events. Such analysis will be vital for designing physical layer and higher layer protocols and frame structures for mmWave systems that will rely on the flexibility of rapid beam switching techniques to find secondary reflections and scatterers when a main cluster or reflection is blocked, in order to consistently maintain a mmWave link.


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George R. MacCartney, Jr. and Theodore S. Rappaport