Directional Initial Access

Highly directional transmissions are essential for cellular communication in mmWave frequencies to compensate for higher isotropic path loss. This reliance on directional beamforming, however, complicates initial cell search since mobiles and base stations must jointly search over a potentially large angular directional space to locate a suitable path to initiate communication.

In this work we propose an initial access procedure where base stations periodically transmit synchronization signals, potentially in time-varying directions, to scan the angular space randomly or sequentially. Five different design options are compared considering different scanning, beam forming methods and signaling procedures to evaluate access delay, detectability range and system overhead. Detectors for these signals are derived based on a Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test (GLRT). The detectors are then simulated under realistic design parameters and channels based on actual experimental measurements at 28 GHz in New York City.

The study reveals two key findings: 1) digital beamforming can significantly outperform analog beam- forming even when digital beamforming uses very low quantization to compensate for the additional power requirements and 2) omnidirectional transmissions of the synchronization signals from the base station generally outperform random directional scanning.

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initial access, Low-Power Fully Digital Transceivers, mmWave MAC, Network DesignJune 22, 2014