Assistive Technology & Advanced Wearables

For the 300 million who are visually impaired worldwide, navigating through everyday tasks is a complex journey fraught with challenges.

At NYU WIRELESS, we see a different future for the visually impaired. A future where we level the playing fields and destroy previously established ceilings, creating digital power tools that can fill gaps for those in need with disabilities tools that not only achieve baseline functional status but that surpass it.

We started building advanced wearables that can assist the visually impaired. One of our current projects is a backpack that has modules, which are capable of sensing external space. This pack pairs with some type of human machine interface like a headset or a haptic interface / feedback belt that gives the wearer different types of touch codes. Our current prototype is very intuitive as the environment is recapitulated to an end user either via audio and/or vibration/touch.

Our system detects and interprets environmental features that may not be presented to the user but are critical to providing the safest path forward. We are working on a series of game-changing project initiatives that include scene reconstruction, object identification and recognition, cSLAM, smart materials, wireless and communication/computationally adaptive algorithms.