yongNYU WIRELESS Professor Shivendra Panwar recently served as a speaker at Samsung’s Future Forum 2013, an annual event in which R&D engineers and scientists discuss the prospect for future technology.  This year’s forum was held on the topic of “mobile communications” and discussed issues of development prospects on existing mobile communication and IoT-oriented communication and mobile devices.

Panwar used his speech to talk about steam loading, a video streaming technology which he has been deeply involved in researching.  Panwar argued that the main contributor to the cellular network bandwidth crisis is expected to be video applications. New technologies at the lower levels of the protocol stack, such as millimeter wave transmission, smart antennas, small cells and more efficient use of spectrum are expected to alleviate bandwidth shortage. At the application layer, caching, traffic time shifting, network coding and adaptive video transmission should help. 

The aim of all of these technologies is to stave off the bandwidth shortage crisis without excessive throttling of user demand through the use of onerous data charges.  Panwar is focusing on stream loading as it can reduce video bandwidth usage by a factor of four or more, without compromising quality of service.


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